From Disco Raja to World Famous Lover: Here are the Telugu films you can watch this year

Globe popular Lover: to any or dozens of enthusiasts of Vijay Deverakonda, this picture goes to become an excellent cure.  World-famous Lover is led at Kranthi Madhav of both Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju celebrity.   This amorous play includes Vijay from a variety of characters plus it's reportedly an anthology, also has been famous for launch February 14.  The teaser with this movie premiered recently plus it looked to become like a re-loaded and abbreviated variant of Arjun Reddy.
 Directed from VI Anand,'' Disco Raja Is Generated by Ram Talluri.  The picture contains Paayal Rajput and also Nabha Natesh in direct characters.  The manufacturers have published two unique teasers of this picture plus they've absent viral for the proper factors, by escalating anticipations on these pictures.  At an not seen character, this picture is a member of an science fiction and science style.  The movie is set to produce on January 2 4.

Nishabdam: This thriller will hit on the displays around January 3-1 and also is an Hollywood cross over picture that's led by Hemanth Madhukar.   Hollywood celebrity Michael Madsen is playing with an important part inside this picture.  Additionally, Nishabdam will produce in numerous languages.
Since Sankranti filmy congestion came to a conclusion, lastly, it truly is time for most of these Telugu film lovers to GearUp to the subsequent pair of movies, that will produce in monthly from today.  In addition, these pictures are a number of those most-awaited movies of this season.
Jaanu: Telugu movie of Tamil blockbuster 9-6 picture is branded Jaanu and hopes with this particular picture really are all high.   Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha have performed with the direct roles within original picture.  The movie has been slated for launch on February 7.  This picture includes a massive group of followers plus you can find a number of men and women that are waiting around to that launch of the movie.  Prem Kumar, that headed the authentic edition, has helmed the movie variant also.

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